Worship Ministry Leaders

Acolytes: 8:15 am – Beverly Guiler; 10:30 am – Martha Terrell

Adult Choir: Freddie Brabson

Altar Guild & Linen Guild: Terry Scarlett

Audio/Visual Ministry: Freddie Brabson

Eucharistic Ministers: The Rev. Cal Calhoun

Flower Guild: Michelle Bales

Greeters: Lisa Webb, scheduler

Intercessors: The Rev. Cal Calhoun

Lectors: The Rev. Cal Calhoun

Oblation Bearers: Bonnie Honaker

Ushers: Zane Scarlett

Formation & Sunday School Leaders

Children: Erin Keck

Youth: Sinead Doherty

Adult: The Rev. Cal Calhoun, The Rev. Elizabeth Farr, The Rev. Mary Davis, Zane Scarlett

Community Care Ministry Leaders

Altar Flower Delivery: Joyce Grubb

Card Ministry: The Rev. Elizabeth Farr

Daughters of The King: Sharon White

Eucharistic Visitor Ministry: The Rev. Elizabeth Farr & Elizabeth Colonna

Prayer Shawl Ministry: Sabra Parish

Funeral Reception Ministry: Fran Potter

Secret Friends Ministry: Katherine Smithwick

Fellowship Ministry Leaders

Book Group: Kathy Gray

Coffee Hour Ministry: Denise DuBose

ROMEO: Don White
*Really Old Men Eating Out

Good Sam Social Lights: Bonnie Honaker

Supper Club: Mark & Karen Downing

Outreach Ministry Leaders

Bridge Refugee Services: Shawn Graham & Georgette Suggs, Vestry Outreach Committee temporary liaisons

Family Promise: Ann Backus, Bruce Haas, Drew Jeffrey, Karen Mann

FISH Ministry: Mary Ann & Sam Venable

Habitat for Humanity: Zane Scarlett

Justice Knox: Caitlin Thrash

The Pillowcase Ministry: Ann Backus

VMC Ministry Lunch: Beverly Guiler and Glen Anderson

Building & Grounds & Finance Ministry Leaders

Building & Grounds Ministry: Steve Campbell, Eddie Hopps, Bill Power, Vestry Building & Grounds Committee

Finance: Grady Williams

Memorial Committee: Mary Embler

Stewardship Committee: The Rev. Cal Calhoun