Our Community

The Church of the Good Samaritan is a vibrant community that follows God in Jesus Christ by the power of the Spirit in faith, in hope, and in love.

Our Clergy

The Rev. Cal Calhoun
The Rev. Cal Calhoun Rector
The Rev. Elizabeth Farr
The Rev. Elizabeth FarrAssistant Rector
The Rev. Claire Keene
The Rev. Claire KeenePriest Associate
The Rev. Matthew Farr
The Rev. Matthew FarrPriest Associate

Our Staff

Fredrick Brabson
Fredrick Brabson Director of Music and Liturgy
Sinead Doherty
Sinead Doherty Youth Minister
Jennifer Dunn
Jennifer Dunn Communications Director
Erin Keck
Erin KeckChristian Education Director
Lisa Webb
Lisa Webb Administrative Assistant
John Paul Boltik
John Paul Boltik Sexton

Our Vestry

  • Michelle Bales, Jr. Warden

  • Steve Campbell

  • Shawn Graham

  • Drew Jeffrey, Sr. Warden

  • Jeff Knox

  • Malinda Lewis

  • Katherine Medlock

  • Joe Parker

  • Ashlee Schoch

  • Katherine Smithwick

  • Georgette Suggs

  • Grady Williams

  • Karen Mann, Clerk of the Vestry

      Support Staff

      • Jason Bales, Disbursing Treasurer

      • Lynn Hopps, Receiving Treasurer

        Ministry Leaders