Hello Good Samaritans,

I wanted to make you aware of some staff changes with the new year. As I mentioned on Sunday, January 8, Erin Keck has replaced Ann Backus as our Christian Education Director. Ann and I have talked for several years about her retirement and I have dragged that out as long as I could! Erin Keck grew up at Good Sam. She has many years’ experience as a child development professional and has recently reconnected with her call to work with children. As Ann did for so many years, Erin will need your help as teachers, helpers, cleaners and other volunteers to make our ministry to our children the best it can be. Please support Erin when she asks for help with the important ministry of forming our children.

Additionally, thank Ann for her 25 years of blessing our children, forming them in the faith, and guiding them through the early stages of their journey with God. We will be planning an appropriate way to thank Ann for her years of service and ministry. And as Ann said, she will be Erin’s #1 junior helper. So, thankfully, Ann will still be around.

Mother Elizabeth Farr has been at Good Sam for over 4 years. It is time (past time!) to recognize her for the talented, experienced priest she has become. With the new year, Elizabeth will have the new title of Associate Rector (previously Assistant Rector). Elizabeth has great gifts and talents for this ministry and I have grown to value her as a colleague and source of counsel. Join me in thanking Elizabeth for her ministry to this community as we continue to celebrate and worship God and minister in West Knoxville.

Fr. Cal Calhoun